O Holy Spirit
Guide us in Your Way.
Protect us from all wrong
and from causing harm to others.

This site is about loving kindness, reverence, nurture, and forgiveness. It is about being holy. It's about LIFE in ETERNITY - starting NOW. Jesus told the repentant thief: "Today you will be with me in paradise." Reject evil! Embrace good!

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"Way to Emmaus" by Robert Zünd 1827-1909


for the

Peoples of the World

O Blesséd Mother of the Savior of the World, we, your children, beg your intercession that we may gain Holy Wisdom and the spirit of reverence and obedience to the Word of God for peace and safety for all the peoples of the world. We ask your maternal intercession for conversion of life for all men and women. We ask for a New Pentecost, a new descent of the Holy Spirit, upon those who choose to follow your son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Open your minds!

Open your hearts!

Open your arms!

Open your hands!

I call to you, my dear children!

Nurture! Nurture!

Nurture one another!

Mother Mary, Pray for us!

How To Live Today

Follow the model of the Blesséd Mother

Pray to the Blesséd Mother for guidance and comfort. Yearn as did the young Blesséd Virgin for the coming of the Messiah. In these days, yearn with all your mind and heart for the return of the Lord Jesus! Live each day with expectancy. Live simply, turning away from any desire for ungodly things of the world and the flesh. Grow still, listening with one's heart for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Join in Praying Daily
The Divine Office
Lauds - Vespers - Compline
with monks and nuns
Latin Celebration of Divine Office

If you prefer, find another means of praising the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, staying in fellowship with God's Holy Spirit in all you do and say throughout every hour of every day!

Another means is joining with the Benedictine Sisters of the Perpetual Adoration, Clyde, Missouri, in celebration of the Divine Office (in English) at Benedictine Sisters. May the Holy Spirit guide you in using technology to praise God!

The ecumenical Taizé Community offers another opportunity for joining in Christian worship.

Words of Jesus on the Cross
The Seven Sorrows of the Blesséd Mother
Meditation & Beads

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