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For FEBRUARY, 2016

O Holy Spirit:
Guide us in Your Way.
Protect us from all wrong.
Keep us from harming others.
Help us to practice
Loving Kindness.

This site is about loving kindness, reverence, nurture, and forgiveness. It is about being holy. It's about LIFE in ETERNITY - starting NOW. Reject evil! Embrace goodness!


for the

Peoples of the World

O Blesséd Mother, we, your children, beg your intercession that we may gain Holy Wisdom and the spirit of reverence for peace and safety for all the peoples of the world. We ask your maternal intercession for conversion of life for all men and women. We ask for a new revelation of divinity. Amen.

Open your minds!

Open your hearts!

Open your arms!

Open your hands!

I call to you, my dear children!

Nurture! Nurture!

Nurture one another!

O Holy Mother, Pray for us!

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Who Is Tony Hearn?

A Statement
Regarding What I Believe

It is time for a renewed faith in loving kindness and nurture. Join with me in rejecting the erroneous notion of a thieving, murderous, jealous God having a favorite people.

Let us foster belief in nurture and loving kindness. Let us become true favorites of our Living, Loving Mother/Father God.

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