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Tony's Comments for July 2014


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A New Statement
July 22, 2014

I have reached the point of, respectfully, stopping ALL use of The Holy Bible and the Psalms therein which make reference to God, the Creator, using VIOLENCE and FORCE over anybody.

For me, from now on, I am accepting references to LOVING KINDNESS. I am also stopping any talk of the fires of hell. Such references do not support LOVING KINDNESS.

From now on, I will ONLY speak of POSITIVE nurturing of ALL CREATURES. Gone will be any reference to schoolhouse talk about practices such as "time out." Such negativity has been used by Bible Fundamentalists to justify crushing and murdering people with whom they disagree.

It is time for a new faith in Loving Kindness based on the principles of nurture. Join with me in rejecting the Hebrew notion of a thieving, murderous, jealous God having favorites. I do still believe in what is contained in the Apostles Creed. I do still pray to the Mother of God, Mary most holy, and her murdered son Jesus, who died to save all humanity, and in the blessed Holy Spirit. Jesus and Mary suffered immensely from the cruelty and inhumanity of the impious Jews whose progeny continue their infamous meanness to others even to the present day in Palestine.

We humans should have progressed beyond the preachings of an angry God. We humans must come up with a new set of Sacred Scriptures which cannot be used as a hammer over peoples' heads. Amen. So be it, let it be so!

Let us foster belief in positive nurture.

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