The Blessed Mother,
Our Co-Redeemer

Pray for us
O Holy Mother of God

Mary found favor with God Almighty. What a singular honor! Mary was and is different than every other human being who has been or will ever be born into the human race. Golly! Mary never committed a sin; she was full of God's grace.

But with the honor came a sword that pierced Mary's own heart: the cruel crucifixion of her beloved son. The sorrows of the Blessed Virgin are only surpassed by the joys she knew.

Cleansed at her Immaculate Conception from any taint of original sin, the Blessed Mother of Jesus, however, knew fright and sorrow for human sinfulness. She knew worry and anxiety when she and Joseph could not find the Child Jesus who, though, was safely in the Jerusalem temple. How must she have suffered from the abuse and cruel crucifixion of Jesus - until she experienced the unspeakable joy of encountering Him after His Resurrection from the tomb.

Mary knew many things about her beloved Son - how He could change water into wine, but she had no fore knowledge He would rise from death. She only had faith in the message of the archangel Gabriel she was to give birth to the world's Messiah. She knew only that the Magi came to adore Him, and that Simeon and Anna had prophesied over him at His presentation in the temple.

What comfort those experiences must have been for her during her flight with the infant Jesus led by Joseph to safety in Egypt. Mary knew no sinful anger. She knew only the suffering of a supremely loving mother.

ALL HAIL to thee, O MARY! You are NOW the QUEEN of HEAVEN! We adore you, Blessed Mother of the world's SAVIOR. Please pray for us, that we may be worthy of the promises of your Divine Son. In your Son Jesus' Name. Amen.

Foundation of
The Community
of the
Blessed Mother,BR>Our Co-Redeemer

The foundation has occurred for the ecumenical Community of the Blessed Mother, our Co-Redeemer - with nurture, loving kindness, reverence and respect for all persons of whatever holy faith or persuasion, other beings, and the entire created universe of Almighty God. So help us, O Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. With Immaculate Mary, Queen of Heaven, and all Angelic Spirits. Amen.

The spiritual Community of the Blessed Mother has no membership list, no dues, no meetings to attend, no vows to take, NO NOTHING - except being a loving mother - to others. Even men may attempt to measure up to being a BLESSED MOTHER. Brother Tony Hearn, CBM.

Photographs of Brother Tony Hearn CBM
The Community
of the
Blessed Mother, our Co-Redeemer

Tony Hearn as Brother John, OHC, in approximately 1960, in West Park, New York, when he was a junior professed member of the Anglican monastic community of the Order of the Holy Cross.

Brother Tony Hearn, in approximately 1985, in Austin, Texas, when he was an Anglican Rite brother of the Catholic Diocese of Austin. He was then the founder and operator of the Angels House soup kitchen at 908 East Cesar Chavez.

Brother Tony Hearn, in approximately 2012, in San Antonio, Texas, where he is a contemplative ecumenical anchorite, conducting an intercessory ministry for persons on the sidewalks and in the streets and parks of downtown San Antonio.

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