by Brother Tony
For May 2017

Living Simply Is Living Best

San Antonio



Queen of Heaven

The Blessed Mother Mary said: "Whatever My Son Jesus Says To You: Do It."
(John 2:5)

The prognosis is "I will go the way of all flesh." So be it, let it be so - swiftly. I have lived a favored life on this troubled planet. I pray for all souls. I have just sent this message to those who mistakenly believe they are God's chosen ones. May they repent and embrace the Messiah.

To all who believe in Zion: Honor the Lord God of Zion! Reject every act of violence regardless of any so-called provocation. Be peaceful to every human! Be GODLY. This is your opportunity to be truly a believer in the God of Zion. Reject every contrary notion. It is the antithesis of Zion to harm another human. Reject every idea of revenge. Reject every notion of winning out over others. Withstand becoming identified with every -ISM. Do not become an -IST of any brand. When you hold fast to LOVING KINDNESS you are truly reigning victoriously from the Mount of Zion. Be a simple human. You will be who you were destined to be: a being with body and spirit created in the image and likeness of Almighty God - YAHWEH.

The Hebrews - those who call themselves Zionist Israelis - will claim identification with the man they claim to be their ancestral spiritual father. One who was crucified in Jerusalem spoke of the Father of the Hebrews - the Israelis: Jesus told the Jews: "Before Abraham was, I AM." What does anyone make of that? Now is the opportunity for all spiritual descendants of Abraham to embrace his GOD - JESUS - the world's MESSIAH. Do not miss the opportunity.

Ah! May! Mary's month! This will be a blessed time! Let us all try to be like Mary: nurturing, mothering!

I am aware a number of persons are concerned about my health. They have learned I have "mild dysplasia support myelodysplastic syndrome." In simple language, the cells in my bone marrow die prematurely.

For anyone wanting to understand more about myelodysplastic syndrome, or what is now called "mds", Wikipedia has an excellent discussion on the internet. There is not much that can be done about the condition. When your bones begin to give out, your days are limited. I am ready to go meet the Lord. Are you? Let us be in prayer for one another!

Meanwhile, let us be in prayer for one another and for all those suffering in this world.

A Younger Brother Tony Hearn

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