A Minor Miracle

A minor miracle happened today during the funeral Mass for Archbishop Emeritus Patricio Flores. God's grace, I believe, mended my broken heart: I am "back in love" with the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church to which I was converted from Anglicanism back in 1961. Since my interior vision of the late Sarita Kenedy East, her mother Marie Stella Kenedy, and the Blessed Mother Mary Immaculata which occurred to me in 1985 (or 6) beside Sarita's grave at Lebh Shomea, I have endured a devastating spiritual hardship - a grudge against the bishops of Texas which has caused me to withdraw from participating fully in the LIFE of the Church. By amazing grace, the homily presented during the Holy Mass by Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller reached deeply into my wounded heart. His words about my beloved departed prelate, Archbishop Flores, touched my heart and mind. Glory Be to God! I believe I am healed! At 82 years of age, I SHALL start worshiping at Masses on Sundays and Feast Days AGAIN. Archbishop Garcia-Siller knows how to bless wounded Catholics with his words. I can and will testify to this. I may, with God's grace and the help of the Holy Spirit, even begin to forgive the trustees of the John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation as well as the Roman Catholic Bishops of Texas. ( See the extensive [perhaps too long] "Recent Comments from Sarita Kenedy East" on the Internet at www.tonysjournal.com ) I will be in repentance for holding a grudge against anyone. By the grace of God and Archbishop Garcia-Siller's words. In Jesus' Name. Amen. January 17, 2017 Brother Tony Hearn Community of the Blessed Mother

Concerning the Relationship
Sarita Kenedy East
Trappist Brother Leo Gregory OCSO
by Brother Tony Hearn CBM

Let us suppose the idle conjecture that Sarita Kenedy East and Trappist Brother Leo Gregory OCSO were involved in a romantic relationship (God forbid even the thought). Would such, in any way, invalidate their conviction that her foundation should follow the teaching of the Church concerning the Preferential Option for the Poor?

Sarita wrote a codicil to her Will that would direct such a preference over the parochialism that restricts her foundation to use the Kenedy wealth ONLY for expenditures within Texas. Such classic selfishness! There are those who still seek to gossip about Sarita and Brother Leo. Let them include in their thoughts the Preferential Option for the Poor. Perhaps their minds are incapable of transcending the moral pit in which they are mired.

Sarita and Brother Leo, whatever their relationship, had risen to compassion for the poor wherever suffering was occurring in the Western Hemisphere, particularly in South America. May Almighty God and the Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Jesus, reward her, and her spiritual mentor, Trappist Brother Leo, for the largeness of their hearts and minds. Amen. And may the Holy Spirit grant divine grace to elevate the minds of those caught up in human mediocrity that they may contemplate the Loving Kindness of Almighty God.

Recent Comments by Sarita Kenedy East
and remarks by her communicator Brother Tony Hearn CBM

Sarita Kenedy East has conveyed a message telling those who will listen her School of Contemplation at LaParra should be an advanced novitiate for contemplative religious sisters where they meditate on themes brought forth by the Holy Father in Rome and by councils of the Church Universal. "In addition to usual contemplative prayer, religious sisters will pray for the "elders" of the Church to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, and the contemplative sisters are to pray for an outpouring of grace for the bishops to do boldly what the Church hears from heaven."

"These are challenging times. When the Lord returns, the Church must not be found to be hard of hearing!" Sarita says. She says her school for the Western Hemisphere is to have two levels: a regular novitiate for beginning contemplatives AND an advanced level for experienced contemplative sisters who are gathered for "refreshment" to "tackle" the special contemplative "work" for the Church's elders."

"The advanced level sisters would be expected to submit a report of their "hearings" from time to time from the Holy Spirit to the "elders." This would resemble what some in the world call a "think tank." We would LISTEN as well as THINK. We would also PRAY. This is what I am saying regarding the proposed School of Contemplation at Lebh Shomea at my earthly home at LaParra," says Sarita Kenedy East.

Heard by Brother Tony Hearn on Sunday, September 11, 2016.

Sarita says "You must listen:

"You must listen for and to the Holy Spirit!" says Sarita, the holy woman. "You are in dangerous times. Too much is being spoken carelessly in public by irresponsible politicians! You must, instead, LISTEN carefully to the Voice of the Blessed Spirit who will lead you where you are to go and who you are to be!" says Sarita. "The Holy Spirit has been sent by the Prince of Peace - the Risen Christ Jesus - to lead all who are in His Church. LISTEN - avoid speaking idly - CONTEMPLATE! Meditate upon the teachings of the Incarnate Word! Do NOT be misled by worldly politicians! They will lead you into disaster upon disaster!" says Sarita. "I am creating a School of Contemplation to help you learn to listen. Hear the SPIRIT of TRUTH correctly! LISTEN with well-tuned ears!" Spoken by Sarita Kenedy East on August 16, 2016.

Proposal Concerning the Sarita Kenedy East School of Contemplation:

This is a preliminary PROPOSAL. It is proposed that Women's Contemplative Religious Communities within the Western Hemisphere establish a centralized novitiate for the schooling of participants in the "science" and practice of mental prayer to be led by recognized Contemplative Religious for appropriate time periods, according to norms set by a commission of cooperating religious superiors of contemplative communities responding to Pope Francis's instructions regarding training of contemplative religious. It is further proposed that the CENTRALIZED novitiate be situated at the additionally proposed Sarita Kenedy East School of Contemplative Prayer within the currently operating Lebh Shomea House of Prayer at Sarita, Texas. It is further proposed that all costs of creating the Sarita School of Contemplative Prayer as well as recruiting and sustaining participants of the school be funded by grants awarded from the John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation at the request of the bishops of dioceses of Texas. It is so moved by Brother Tony Hearn CBM www.tonysjournal.com on the Feast of the Transfiguration, August, 2016

Sarita Forgives Those Who Have Ignored Her Wishes:

Sarita Kenedy East forgives the Roman Catholic bishops of Texas, the prelates at the Vatican and others, and the trustees of the foundation she established, the John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation, who have ignored her wishes that the wealth she bequeathed be used for the direct benefit of the poor in Latin America. "It took me till later life to realize that wealth should be used to relieve the sufferings of the poor. I have been forgiven by Christ for that delinquency. In turn, I forgive those who have not honored what I myself have willed. To be forgiven has been a gift of grace to me. I ask the same gift be received from me by all with reference to my foundation," Sarita has said from heaven. "Let all within the Church share with one another, especially with those who are poorest, what we receive daily, as well as what we have gained in the past, from our gracious heavenly Father, Almighty God. In the Name of His Precious Son, Jesus Christ. Amen." From Sarita Kenedy East, August 5, 2016. Communicated by her to Brother Tony Hearn CBM

Saintly Sarita speaks an explanation:

Sarita Kenedy East explains why she has delivered her final message to Texas bishops and to the trustees of the Kenedy Memorial Foundation: "Only persons who are determined to act in league with the spirit of evil continue to ignore my appeal to honor the codicil I wrote. They are caught up in Satan's power to fight the Spirit of Loving Kindness - to help the poorest of the poor in Latin America and elsewhere in the world. The bishops who continue to ignore my appeal to help the poor prefer to help themselves - selfishness. Greed has ensnared them. Tragic sinfulness! I have urged their predecessors, to no avail. I have urged the current shepherds of the Catholics of Texas. They do not respond. They prefer to ignore my message. So be it! I have sent to them my FINAL APPEAL. I will now follow the advice of the blessed Apostle, Saint Paul, the former Saul of Tarsus. I turn the bishops and the trustees of the John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation of Corpus Christi, Texas, over to Satan for the destruction of their flesh. Tragic, but I have appealed to them repeatedly. Loving kindness leads me now to this drastic measure. Saint Paul was trying to save the immortal spirits of the willful unrepentant sinners from the eternal fires of hell. He stopped his appeal to them to live with righteous behavior. He quit his appeal to persons lost in carnal lust. NOW, I do the same. I say: 'Bishops, you prefer to clutch my money. So be your carnal wills. I will intercede for your spirits, that your spirits will not descend with your flesh into the bowels of Satan's dismal preserve, into the pit of eternal death.' I will now rest near the throne of the Blessed Mother, the Queen of Heaven. I have sent my FINAL MESSAGE. I will NOW pray solemnly to Almighty God, the author of TRUTH and JUSTICE, to do His Will. Lovingly, in the Name of Jesus. Amen." Sent on Sunday, June 26, 2016.

FINALLY, saintly Sarita Speaks Again:

Finally, Sarita Kenedy East says: "This will be the final message I send to the bishops of Texas by way of my faithful messenger. Hear me through these words I speak to you through him. I have endeavored to tell the Church and her bishops in Texas: Minister to those among you who are lowest and poorest wherever in the world they are. This is the identical message Jesus taught. Be mindful of the poor. I learned that message from Brother Leo. I sent that message to my foundation by means of the codicil to my will, endowing the John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation with the fortune I left behind when I died in 1961. Alas, those who took control of the foundation have been too slow to discover the Will of Almighty God: to minister to the poorest of the poor FIRST and ALWAYS with preference before all other concerns. ALWAYS, a preference for the poorest! I will cease NOW to speak to my messenger. I will only intercede for the Church where I am now near the throne of the Blessed Mother, the Queen of Heaven, and for her bishops to listen with greater care to the Holy Spirit. I repeat the warning spoken of old: Be sober; be vigilant! The Lord will come when you know not! Be not caught off guard! Out of loving kindness, I have warned you, bishops. Heed the message(s)! Feed the poorest of the poor! In the Name of Jesus. Amen." From Sarita Kenedy East. June 25, 2016

Saintly Sarita Speaks Again:

Sarita says: "I am using a simple brother to admonish you, the bishops of Texas, to do with the resources I left behind - to show loving kindness to the poorest of the poor in Latin America and other pockets of poverty. You, with the help of shrewd attorneys, ignored what I wanted to be done with what I left to the John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation. I wrote a codicil to my will putting Trappist Brother Leo Gregory and others in charge of the foundation. Your attorneys fought my last wishes. You have used the money for over fifty years which I left for other purposes I did not intend. I have spoken to you repeatedly about this, using a another person who has been sensitive to my appeal. He has tried diligently to deliver my messages. You have ignored him, as you slandered Brother Leo. You have given me great distress since my death in 1961. Will you not relent? Will you not finally follow my final instructions for using the money I left? I admonish you to use what I left - for the direct benefit of the poorest of the poor in Latin America. I urge you to help others around the world. I am not ignorant of why you have been tempted by evil inclinations to ignore my wishes. I know the money I left has infected you. Money often ruins people. But I NOW forgive you. But I ask you, with changed hearts, finally to do what I asked of you, more than 50 years ago: help the poorest of the poor. It is late, but it is NOT too late. Do not fail to do my last wishes. Judgment against you will occur if you ignore this appeal. I admonish you, in the Name of Jesus. Amen." Spoken on June 23, 2016

Saintly Sarita Speaks Again:

An imbalance has occurred within Christ's institutional church, Sarita Kenedy East says from her presence at the throne of the Blessed Mother. There was a healthy regard for the material as Jesus led his followers in putting the priority on matters of the spirit. "God is SPIRIT and the Catholic Church taught its members to hallow 'life in the spirit.' But over the centuries, the Church of Jesus Christ has become mired in materialism. I pray the People of God put SPIRIT first, again," says saintly Sarita.

Saintly Sarita Speaks Again:

"Get beyond parochialism!" she says!

While Sarita's money may be spent only by the Church's hierarchy for Texas, there is nothing but selfish greed that will cause the Texas bishops to refrain from appropriating most of the John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation grant money to fund authentic relief from poverty BEYOND the borders of Texas. "Get beyond parochialism!" Sarita says from where she now is near the heavenly throne of the Blessed Mother. "Take the money and give it quickly and generously to those who are in greatest need outside of Texas!" says saintly Sarita. "You bishops have been too long in behaving according to the loving Will of God - which led me to write the codicil to my will creating the Kenedy Memorial Foundation. Look to relieve poverty in other places in the hemisphere and on the globe. Please, let me rest in peace," Sarita tells the Texas Catholic bishops.

And another message from Sarita:

Sarita Kenedy East says to wealthy women and men who consider themselves Catholics: "Don't be sitting up high in cupulas or in your pool-side chairs, sipping expensive whiskey. Get up and find out from your bishop (or be mentored by one of his priests or even a religious brother or sister) how you can do the Will of God towards those who are less fortunate than you. Your days, in solemn truth, are numbered. Don't be dumb; be among the wise! Embrace the Promise of Life Eternal mercifully offered you and all rich persons by the Lord Jesus Christ. It was purchased for you and others by His Sacrifice at Golgatha. Put down your chilled cocktail! Be sober; be vigilant! Be good - rather than good for nothing! In Jesus' Name, become a saint," saintly Sarita says. Spoken on June 19, 2016

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